L.C. Van Tiel Logistics Overcome Air Cargo Challenge

L.C. Van Tiel Logistics B.V., member of XLProjects, recently faced another air cargo challenge bounded for India.

Each crating unit had exceeded the aircraft’s space limitations. However, they managed to load the goods aboard using a side loader.

The main unit was 11.80 x 0.70 x 1.75 m containing a crate of 10 pipes. The other unit was 10.39 x 0.79 x 1.34 m containing a crate of rubber discharge hoses. Both crates weighted 1,550 kg each.

The project started from shipper’s premises in the Netherlands. The team pre-hauled the goods to their own warehouse where they packed and crated the cargo, carried into the cargo terminal in Amsterdam, destined for Mumbai airport.

L.C Van Tiel Logistics B.V. comment: we are proud of all parties involved for the smooth and great job cooperation.

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