Connected networks

Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN)

GPLN is the premier non-exclusive international logistics network of independent companies specializing in global project forwarding by air, sea and land and the special handling of oversized, out-of-gauge and heavy lift cargo.


XLProjects is a large non-exclusive international network of independent project forwarders and project charterers. All of its members are leaders in project logistics.


FENEX is a Dutch branch organisation that supports the interests of Dutch forwarding agents and providers of logistics services. L.C. van Tiel Logistics B.V. operates according to the conditions of this branch organisation and participates in the FENEX Guarantee Fund.


L.C. van Tiel Logistics B.V. is een Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Having been issued an AEO certificate, L.C. van Tiel Logistics B.V. holds the status of Authorised Economic Operator. This means that Dutch customs considers the company to be a reliable partner in the logistics supply chain.