Rigging and installation services

  • Relieving the customer of all transport-related responsibilities
  • Turnkey delivery of cargo
  • Including loading, unloading, installing, assembly and/or disassembly
  • Extensive experience in transporting machinery
  • The use of care and extensive professional expertise

Exceptional in rigging and installation services

Rigging and installation are also included in relieving our customers of all transport-related responsibilities. Naturally, these are all part and parcel of our exceptional provision of services. We can treat your exceptional cargo as a turnkey project, including loading, unloading, installation, assembly and/or disassembly.

Handling, placement, moving and installation of machinery

The proper handling, placement, moving and installation of machinery is extremely important during its transport. We are very much aware of this and have acquired extensive experience with it. We conduct all of these activities with the greatest possible care and expertise. We guarantee that the machinery we transport will function and perform as expected upon arrival.

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