Road transport

  • Any cargo from 1 kilo to 100 tons
  • Conducted with the greatest possible care and efficiency
  • A great deal of specialised expertise
  • Only the best people and the best equipment
  • Fleet equipped with GPS navigation
  • Also a supplier of cargo insurance

Exceptional in road transport

When it comes to road transport, we can handle cargoes from 1 kilo to 100 tons. Whether this involves one-way road transport, import or export, or domestic of international transport, we carry out all orders with the greatest possible care and efficiency. Exceptional road transport involves more than driving from A to B. It also demands specialised expertise related to cargoes, routes, permits and safety: the kind of expertise we have in abundance. Our experienced drivers and our affiliated charters guarantee the perfect transport of your cargo.

Maximum control

Good project management is a question of maximum control. This is why we work only with the best people and the best equipment that also meets the latest environmental requirements. Our fleet of vehicles has 35 towing vehicles and consists of European flatbeds, semi-flatbeds, open trailers, tractors with auto cranes, curtainsiders and container chassis. This enormous diversity allows us to provide a customised solution every time. All vehicles are also equipped with GPS navigation. This is how we - and you - know exactly where your precious cargo is at any time. This contributes to more efficient logistics and saves you a lot of money. This is what makes L.C. van Tiel Logistics B.V. exceptional in road transport!

Cargo insurance

If you wish, we can also supply you with cargo insurance. Here again, we can provide customised solutions, worldwide. We would be pleased to provide you with more information about this. Contact us about theĀ options andĀ terms and conditions.

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