Storage and handling

  • Storage and transfer of all goods
  • Local, national and international
  • Methods and locations, large and heavy: we can do it all
  • Together with our reliable partners
  • Promoting your interests on site by independent experts

Exceptional in storage and transfer

We also store and transfer goods locally, nationally and internationally. For us, where and how goods have to be stored and how large and heavy they are is no problem. We make all of these arrangements for you. In this regard, L.C. van Tiel Logistics B.V. places three criteria at the top of its list of priorities: safety, quality and reliability.

Independent experts on site

For our storage and transfer services, we also work exclusively with partners who have demonstrated their quality and reliability over the years. It could be of crucial importance for you to have an independent expert on hand during the loading of valuable goods. This would be someone on site at seaports who promotes your interests and makes a thorough objective report. L.C. van Tiel Logistics B.V. will arrange this for you. This is also makes us exceptional in storage and transfer!

Cargo insurance

If you wish, we can also supply you with cargo insurance. Here again, we can provide customised solutions, worldwide. We would be pleased to inform you about theĀ many options available to you [link naar contactpagina].

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