Our customers are from the following industries


Construction & mining equipment is one of the industries we focus. We move several excavators, dumpers, bulldozers, drilling rigs, piling equipment on a regular basis. Because of our past experiences we have the knowledge to handle and transport these different types of machinery. 


oil & gas

The oil & gas industry is making improvements. Tanks, pipelines and familiar equipment is what we arrange to transport. Restrictions and regulations? No problem, we take care of it.

crane industry

Crawler, mobile and/or static cranes as a whole or disassembled into 30 pieces? We always research the best rates, research the safest and most economic solutions to support our clients. We have an extensive knowledge of different models and types in the market. 

Marine & offshore

Knowledge is a cost saving tool – our collective experience of more than 20 years in active ship spares handling gives us real insight into the maritime industry. We provide forwarding services using all transport modalities for routine, critical and express shipments.

energy solutions and power plants

As the energy industry is facing more challenges and opportunities for the near future, we understand the urgency from our clients of having trustworthy and reliable transport partners with sufficient product knowledge.  

project logistics

Transport projects that are more complex, more extensive, more challenging and often oversized than average are carried out. As a specialized partner, this is our area. Our expertise is your assurance for a safe and smooth execution of the project. We keep our clients up to date at all times if deviations are to occur. Transparancy and discrection are our philosophies.